This blog is a place to share ideas, recipes and the occasional rant about the state of the world as I see it.

Some of the recipes more accurate than others.
As I said in one of my early posts, recipes are a guide. So apologies in advance if you find some of the recipes don’t work for you, but equally I don’t want to insult my readers’ intelligence. A healthy dose of experimentation and culinary adventure works wonders I find.
What I do say, is the recipes have worked for me and I have (sometimes) photographed them as such. Where they haven’t, or have needed improvement, I’ve tried to include that too.

Apologies in advance for any vegetarians who may discover “vegetarian” dishes that, er, aren’t. I’ve included many recipes with meat & fish, but I often suggest, that if you leave out the meat or fish it becomes a vegetarian dish. Often, I hope my recipes and ideas are adaptable.

I’ve cooked and written about food for some time now (but I’ve only recently started this blog), as a result some of my recipes are very recent, some not so, but I aim to keep it current and seasonal.

Also, I welcome feedback and ideas.