For Rob.

Dinner last night turned into very fancy affair from humble (frozen) beginnings.

I’ve called it : Breaded fish goujons, organic pomme-puree, freshly podded garden peas with reduced tomato coulis served 2 ways.

Good, but could try harder

My first attempt wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t quite happy with the mash (sorry, organic pomme purée). It was a little lumpy looking. Some of the streaks in the ketchup reduced tomato coulis needed tidying up also. So I had another go, determined to get it right!

I think the swoop of the ketchup beautifully accentuates the shape of the quenelle of mash, with the peas offsetting the overall shape of the dish. The fish fingers providing an unusual yet amusing counterpoint. (seriously, I think there’s a career for me in writing pretentious food descriptions!)

Back up Heston, there’s a new boy in town!