Yes, I can confirm that dinner at the Fat Duck was quite good!!

More bonkers than outstanding cooking (don’t get me wrong the cooking was very good) and I went expecting fantastic cooking. It has 3 Michelin stars after all. Which is a shame because I think I’d have enjoyed it more had the food been out of this world and not crazy for the sake of it, which I felt some of the dishes were.
More to follow, but just to make people out there jealous I’ve changed my header to “The sound of the sea”, one of Heston Blumenthal’s more famous dishes. And it was quite bonkers, made me giggle, which I don’t think any dish I’ve ever eaten has made me do!

Update 11.4.11: As you can see dear reader, I change my header quite regularly, so the sound of the sea has gone. But for those that missed it, here it is. Complete with ipod-loaded conch shell playing, yes you’ve guessed it, “the sounds of the sea”. Quite literally, on the ipod, in the shell, seagulls, waves, the lot!

Yes it's all edible!